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Dungeon Sandwich - Animating Monsters

This week I've been crunching over all that goes bump in the dark! What is a dungeon that isn't infested by monsters? Behold!


This mustached cutie infests the darker regions of the dungeon. Their unimpeded mobility makes them particularly threatening in rooms filled with traps.

They are particularly dangerous in packs and are only vulnerable during their attack frames as they swoop closer to the ground.

His design was very much inspired by the early Bird-Enemies in Hyper Light Drifter.


What dungeon is complete without these little fellas. It took a bit of experimentation to get the slime right.

Ultimately I think it turned out well enough. If I had a longer time frame, I would have added much more frames to get the jiggle just right.

NOTE: None of these images show the shadow or particle effects from in-game.

Carnivorous Plant

These secretive monsters inhabit overgrown rooms within the dungeon. The attack was particularly tricky to animate on such a tight schedule considering the players location.

Initially, the plant would spit or lash out at the player, but we found it much more clear with the burrow bite.

The hit frames & death frames bridge in the game with additional particle effects.


Originally we had planned for a kobold, but in my rush the I set the pixel count too high and got carried away. It wasn't until we had him in the engine that we realized he was substantially larger than the player character.

Myconid (Totally not a Burger Golem) This guy was a treat to animate. I spent too much time on this guy, and considering his size the art dictated the design and combat mechanics.

Moving Forward

I would love to get the chance to spend a significant amount more time on designing and animating the monsters more. The Spider/Beetle was a creature that we wanted to get in. We realized however that the time it would take to animate it properly would simply eat into time spent creating the art required to decorate the dungeon more.


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