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Game Summary

We of the Woods is a beautiful, tragic, and brutal open-world survival game with roguelike elements. A dark and malevolent force is choking the life out of these once pristine woods. The animals of the forest must work together to overcome this evil. You must rescue and return the wisps to their totems to purify the twisted guardians of the forest. In your quest to cleanse the corruption, you'll have to be careful not to antagonize the imbalance the fragile ecosystem with reckless hunting or gathering in your quest to survive. In your travels you'll play as burly bears, the sly foxes, agile rabbits, soaring hawks, scheming spiders, giant bees, and other enchanted and wild creatures! Each animal has unique talents to master in order to save the day. Where will you start?


As a game designer on We of the Woods, I pitched gameplay features, wrote design & pitch documentation, and designed and prototyped game systems in Unity. Of these systems, I lead the development of the roguelike progression system, the dynamic eco'system', player controls, and procedural level generation.


The woods are vast and diverse.  The level generation system is designed to encourage exploration, empower emergent gameplay, and lead the player to story locations without feeling unnatural or obviously 'generated'. For this system, I analyzed procedural generation systems seen in Spelunky, Rogue Legacy, Diablo 3, and others to use as a framework for our level design. I pitched, designed, and prototyped methods to create an open, natural feeling world, rich with puzzles and resources.


At the beginning of each game, players must choose from a random pool of animals, each with additional enchantments and curses. They play as their selected animal until they die before breeding or being slain by a creature of corruption. This ensures the player develops mastery with multiple animals, explores a diversity of playstyles, and understands of how each animal affects the ecosystem and future playthroughs. 


The eco'system' encouraged mindful resource management and introduces unique challenges to the player. As a rabbit, breeding a lot will cause a boom in the rabbit population. During the next playthrough, predator populations will increase while plantlife dwindles. With the increase in predators and loss of available food source, rabbit populations will plummet the following playthrough. Each time the player's actions will cause ripple effects that will affect future playthroughs, a clever player will keep track of these changes and select animals that benefit from these fluctuations!

Game Features
Explore and Survive!

Travel through dense and vibrant forests, rivers, and caves. Collect, Hunt, and Hide to survive and thrive!

Dynamic Ecosystem

Master the evolving balance as each decision you make effects the world and future odds of survival!

Paws, Claws, and Talons!

Unlock and play as one of fifty unique animals!

Boss Fights!

Defeat twisted boss monsters and their evil spawn!


We of the Woods showcased to the public at PAX Australia in 2015 and 2016, where players were able to check out our early 2D prototype, and then a fully immersive VR compatible 3D demo.

Other Games
The Adventure Pals

On The Adventure Pals, I was primarily responsible for designing and scripting the levels for the last two chapters of the game.

I pitched level ideas, designed them on paper, prototyped them, and built them in the proprietary Adventure Pals 2 Level Engine until polished. They would then be handed off to other designers and the artist to dress up the scene with my outlined suggestions to reinforce mood and theme.

Under Development

This website is still under development. Excuse this section and proceed to the next game list above!


Game Designer


PC, Mac, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive


Adventure Pals Level Engine, Illustrator, Trello

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