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Game Design

The Adventure Pals is an epic adventure platformer fueled by imagination, friendship, and action-packed combat. 

As Level Designer on The Adventure Pals, I was primarily responsible for designing and scripting levels for final chapters of the game using their in-house development tools. I channeled my background in game design to create engaging, novel, and humorous experiences the game would go on to be praised for by using and twisting mechanics the player would already be familiar with! As the final stretch of the game really ramps up the silliness, I used puzzle design and encounter design in tandem with research into comedy writing to set up moments of comical surprise and unexpected delight! 

Game Information

Travel across five unique worlds to fight dangerous dinos, crabfolk, hotdogs and more! Keep an eye out for hidden treasures on your journey!

Level Up!

Upgrade your health, sword-swinging, and rock smashing by defeating enemies!

Boss Fights!

Defeat epic boss fights that will challenge your skill!

Play With Friends!

Plug in and play by yourself or with a bestie!

"...a joy to play whether by yourself or with a friend in co-op."
"Pure, platforming goodness."
"It’s fantastically animated, full of colour, and charming throughout... it’s hard not to keep smiling as you see everything that it has to offer."
"I haven’t enjoyed myself this much with a game in a long time."
"... serious bang for your buck... wildly creative."
Other Games
Balam and the Spirit Within

As Game Designer for Balam and the Spirit Within I was responsible for the game's level design, combat design, AI prototyping, scripting, narrative direction, and user experience. As the key decision-maker across many non-gameplay elements, it was important that I put gameplay first.


As Game Designer on Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse, I led a close-knit team of designers and developers. I pitched weapons, enemies, encounters, bosses and level ideas, designed them on paper, prototyped them, and then worked on and owned them until polished.


Level Designer


PC, Mac, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Switch


Adventure Pals Level Engine, Photoshop, Trello

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