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Game Summary

In Shepherd Bowling, you play as a farmer who must "lead" his flock of sheep back down the mountainside. The thick brush will slow sheep down and enchanted obstacles can knock these woolly critters off cliffs. In your race against the sunset, you may be forced to leave a few behind to ensure at least one or two sheep make it back to the farmstead.

This game was developed after the prototype attracted interest and investment in from the Sydney VR industry. 


Two designer colleagues of mine approached me about assisting them with the project before they had completed the prototype. I was brought on board to help helm the programming of the project. After a strong positive reaction to the demo, helped lead the development of the game as it expanded in scope. 

I pitched, prototyped and designed the leading level to the game. It is designed to be a 15-Minute introductory experience to Virtual Reality and to core mechanics of Shepherd Bowling! Each platform within the level introduces different aspects of the main mechanics and seeks to test the player's skill in order to proceed.


I also designed and implemented the gameplay, character controls, and progression systems. I performed most of this coding in C# and the VRTK (Virtual Reality Toolkit). 


I also modeled several low-poly assets seen in the game such as the sheep, windmill, wagon, tent and moon.

Level Overview
Design Stages

Here are several stages of development ranging from the rapid prototype, through to the polished version!

Public Test
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Game Designer


HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PSVR


Unity, VRTK, 3DS Max, Illustrator, HTC Vive

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