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As the game designer for Dungeon Sandwich, I was tasked with pitching the project, designing the procedural level design system, combat system, and core gameplay loop. Once the game was selected by Kongregate through its Launchpad program, I collaborated with them to define the scope, vision, and art direction for the game. Due to the budget, the team size was kept small and agile, so I also worked as the team of 2's artist and animator.

Firstly, I worked with the programmer to outline the procedural level design system. We generated a path through each level and connected a series of branching rooms to create a vast and content-rich dungeon. During this stage, I prototyped and implemented ~150 room designs. Rooms were divided into combat, puzzle, and loot categories, and then further subdivided by difficulty rating. I assisted the programmer by collaborating on an algorithm to provide diverse experiences along the critical path while increasing in difficulty as the player progresses.

Secondly, I designed and prototyped enemy AI and combat mechanics before they were handed off to the programmer for full implementation. Afterward, I returned to the combat system to further iterate and polish the player controls, game feel, and combat feedback.

Lastly, I wrote XML code to design an automatic light-weight crafting system that combined the player's collected ingredients into rewards for progression. This system tied into the in-game shop and progression system. I closely with the programmer and playtesters to ensure a satisfying progression curve. Additionally, I designed and implemented some basic UI and animation to ensure these behind-the-scene systems were presented in a logical way to the player.

•    Pitch and negotiate project definitions with publisher
•    Design ~150 rooms and associated procedurally generated level system
•    Prototype puzzles, enemy AI, and combat system
•    Script functional crafting system, in-game shop, animations and UI

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Other Games
Super Skelly Belly

On Super Skelly Belly, I was primarily responsible for designing and scripting the core gameplay systems. I wrote systems in C# to handle the procedural generation of falling block platforms, custom collision code, and the online scoreboard system. I also prototyped a variety of additional gameplay features and special block mechanics.

You play as a skeleton that has found itself brought back to life for Ragnarok (Norse Mythology's hottest party). Unfortunately, you were previously eaten by the World Serpent, Jörmungandr,  so you're stuck inside!​

Shepherd Bowling

I pitched, prototyped and designed the leading level to the game. It is designed to be a 15-Minute introductory experience to Virtual Reality and to core mechanics of Shepherd Bowling! Each platform within the level introduces different aspects of the main mechanics and seeks to test the player's skill in order to proceed.


I also designed and implemented the gameplay, character controls, and progression systems. I performed most of this coding in C# and the VRTK (Virtual Reality Toolkit). 


Game Designer


To Be Announced


Unity, Playmaker, SourceTree, Photoshop

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