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Game Jam - Super Skelly Belly

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

Origin: Super Skelly Belly is a game that came out of the 24hr Forsberg Game Jam. The theme was Eternity.

In Super Skelly Belly you play as a skeleton that has found itself brought back to life for Ragnarok (Norse Mythology's hottest party). Unfortunately, since you were previously eaten by the World Serpent, Jörmungandr, you're stuck inside!

You must jump and climb up in a vain attempt to climb out of the belly of the beast as chunks of meat rain down from above. Keep an eye above to avoid getting crushed, and keep an eye below to avoid slipping into the rising stomach acid!

Development Status: You can access each version of the game on Download and Play Super Skelly Belly!

Version 1.0 is the original game by the end of the 24hr game jam. Version 1.1 has a bunch of bug fixes, added features, and polish. Version 1.2 should be going live early next week and will include a Mac build and professional audio. Version 1.3+ will be determined as we move forward.

I have ample time lately as freelance work from abroad has been slowing down. The team has discussed the idea of porting the game over to mobile. Half the team consists of students so we're tackling each build one stage at a time.

I will follow up with Dev Diaries if the Super Skelly Belly enters development for mobile.

Credits: Dennis Rådman - Concept Artist Indiana-Jonas - Animator & UI Artist Björn Jonasson - Environment Artist Christopher Johansson - Designer & Producer Bretton Hamilton - Programmer & Designer


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